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Creating the Hudson River Park Cover


Creating the Hudson River Park:

Environmental and Community Activism, Politics, and Greed

“A valuable recounting of a public-private partnership and how to make things work (and why they don’t).” —Sam Roberts, The New York Times.

“Creating the Hudson River Park is important, relevant, and of continuing interest. The revival of Manhattan’s west side waterfront, including the bike and jogging paths, the new landscaping, and the revitalized piers has been transformative in the life of the city. An activist, manager, and board member for the entire period he describes, Tom Fox is extremely well qualified to write this story.” 
—Kenneth T. Jackson, author of Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States

Since 1975, Tom Fox has been at the forefront of urban park and waterfront development primarily in New York City. His creative thinking, commitment to community engagement and coalition building, use of unique funding mechanisms, and knowledge of government and the media have resulted in revitalized waterfronts and waterways, new parks, greenways and community gardens that have made the city a more desirable and sustainable place to live, work, and visit.

Parks: Creating Green Spaces in the Urban Environment

Providing leadership in a wide range of urban greening initiatives

Community Engagement: Creating Public Solutions

Crafting initiatives that have
community engagement
at their core.

Taking access
to the
Next Level

Revitalizing under utilized waterfronts and creating unique intra-city waterborne transportation. 

In the Media

Five decades of writing, speaking, and making presentations about urban parks, waterfronts, and community engagement. Explore the archive  >