The Fox  Collection

“My image library allows me to tell stories of the success and failure of various initiatives and illustrate how people interact and communicate.

Hopefully, in the future it will be housed in an appropriate institution to be shared with researchers, open space advocates, historians and students.

Tom has photographed cities and their citizens working together to turn derelict and dangerous waterfronts into world-class parks, create community gardens, plant street trees, build greenways, and public open spaces. Their commitment, advocacy and hard work enhance and protect our recreational and athletic facilities, preserve and restore natural resources, and enhance the city’s image, quality of life and economy. His images capture everyday life and occurrences he’s observed that illustrate how people interact and communicate with nature, the built environment, one another, and the world at large.

Tom is editing approximately 100,000 images taken since first picking up a camera at the PX in Chu Lai, Vietnam in 1967 which will become The Fox Collection. He hopes it will be housed in an appropriate institution as a resource for research and education. The images on this website, with the exception of several credited to others are from The Fox Collection. Those images and the ones below illustrate the focus and breath of the Collection.  

Urban Parks

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Around New York City

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Across the Country

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Around the World

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Tom Fox
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